SomethingMoon Design 
Ck Chiwai Cheang

Full-time idiot, part-time graphic designer. 
Started SomethingMoon Design in 2011, offering design solutions in areas such as publication, theatre, art, illustration and branding. Based in Macau, sometimes Taipei. 
Handles most of the independent published works, recently ventured into curating exhibitions and organizing projects. This involves communication, visual editing and marketing campaign etc. He frequently collaborate with local cultural and arts groups, making him one of the very few book designers in the independent publishing industry in Macau.
He have received numerous local and international design awards, including the Excellent Works from Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards, Best design from Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award. Silver and Bronze Awards from Macau Design Biennial, Silver Award from Taiwan Times Advertising Award. His works are also selected by Warsaw International Poster Biennale and Lahti Poster Biennal. 
Apart from graphic design work, his also run a bookstore, work as an illustrator, curator, and writer. Occasionally, his also engage in publishing and music production as well.

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• International Poster Competition. Selected in 2023
• Tokyo TDC Annual Awards. Excellent Works in 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023, Japan
HKDA Global Design Awards. Excellent Works in 2018, Hong Kong
Golden Pin Design Award. Best Design in 2020 (1 of 18 posters of Yellow objects), Design Mark Recipient in 2018, Taiwan
• Warsaw International Poster Biennale. Nominations in 2012 & 2010. Poland
• VIII International Triennial Of ECO-Poster. Nominations in 2012, Kharkov 
• Shenzhen design award for young talents. Nominations in 2017. China 
• Macau Design Biennial. Silver award in 2011, Bronze award in 2015, Distinctive Award in 2017, Nominations in 2013, Macau 
• Lahti Poster Biennal. Nominations in 2011, Lahti 
• Taiwan Times Advertising Award. Silver award in 2009, Taiwan 
• Macao Photography Competition. Golden award in 2008, Macau 
• Macao International Film and Video Festival. Short video award in 2008, Macau

• Searching for design files: city, theatre., 2022
• I don’t know what can I do on my street, 2019
• Disastrous mistakes in Taiwan, 2019
• Do you want me to describe the place I live, 2018
• How to solve daily life problems, 2017
• The Protagonist is Always in the Middle, 2014

• Ming Pao: Supplement, 2023, Hong Kong
• RTHK: China Stories V – Macau Our Era, 2020, Hong Kong
• Homeland, 2019, China
• Apple Daily, 2019, Hong Kong
• C2 Magazine: Issue 32, 2019, Macau
• It’s Nice That: SomethingMoon is one of the few designers working in independent publishing in Macau, 2018, England
• Design 360° Magazine: Online sound, 2017, China
• Inspire Magazine: Vol.6, 2016, Taiwan
• Design 360° Magazine: No.55 – Designer’s Photography, 2015, China
• Ming Pao Weekly, 2015, Hong Kong
• Ming Pao Weekly, 2014, Hong Kong
• Thisispaper, 2013, Poland
• IDN Magazine: Environmental Graphics Issue, 2013, England
• Off Shore: マカオのグラフィック・デザイナー, 2013, Japan
• 25-horas: Un talento editorial en China, 2013, Portugal

• Red Yellow Blue: Application of Primary Colours in Design, SendPoints, 2023, Hong Kong
• Reload.Earth, Slanted Publishers, 2023, Germany
• Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja 2, Victionary, 2022, Hong Kong
• PALETTE Mini 00 Nude, Victionary, 2022, Hong Kong
• Layout Rebuild, Gaatii Books, 2022, China
• MORE IS MORE, Victionary, 2021, Hong Kong
• BOOOOOOK 3, Designer Books, 2018, Hong Kong
• Duotone: Limited Colour Schemes in Graphic Design, Design 360, 2018, China
• Asian Typography, Sandu Publishing, 2018, Hong Kong
• Asia-Pacific Design No. 12, Sandu Publishing 2016, Hong Kong
• All About Maps, Sandu Publishing, 2016, Hong Kong
• Brand Magazine: issue 23, SendPoints, 2015, Hong Kong
• Nice To Meet You Again, Victionary, 2015, Hong Kong
• Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja, Victionary, 2015, Hong Kong 

• The moment of performance and photography – Theatre Photography Featuring, with Winter Ching and Siochong Mok, 2023, MTC, Macau
• Program Book Editing and Design: Audiences and the Public, MTC, 2023, Macau
• Scene to Zine, Zine to Table, 2023, Jubilo 31 Books, Macau
• Issues and Visuals – Graphic Design in the Public Spaces of Macau, 2022, Misty Bookstore, Taipei
• Engaging in independent publishing and book design in the city of Macau, 2019, UNFOLD Art Book Fair, Shanghai
• The words I have written, incorporated into the design, 2019, BranD, Guangzhou
• Social Movement→Visual Design→Society→Graphic Design, 2019, Wind Box, Macau
• I brought the ocean back through graphic design, 2019, Ocean Culture Festival, Macau
• The path towards international creative endeavors, with Page Tsou, 2019, Jubilo 31 Books, Macau
• Chat Zine with graphic designers, with Forrest Lau, 2019, Zine Coop, Taipa
• Art book fairs as alternative independent distribution platforms, with Small Tune Press, 2017, Ox Warehouse, Macau
• Dialogue Among Independent Publishing Designers, with Renatus Wu, 2017, Library Week, Macau
• Design Sharing, 2017, Macao Polytechnic University, Macau
• If Macau doesn’t sell books, how can we appreciate book design? 2015, Library Week, Macau
• The independent publications that I have designed, 2015, Guangzhou Book Market, Guangzhou

• Transnational Coalition for the Arts, 2021, Japan
• Chinese characters poster in the czech republic at Galerie Ladislava Sutnara. 2018, Czech republic 
• Asia Visual Art & Design Exhibition. 2013, 2014, KaoHsiung, Tainan 
• SNAP* HERE & THERE photography. 2012, 2013, KaoHsiung, Taiwan 
• If you please, take me a picture – Ck Chiwai Cheang Simple Photography Exhibition. 2012, Macau (Solo) 
• 50/100 New Talent Exhibition Shanghai. 2012, China 
• Young Designers’ exhibition. 2010, Taiwan