They have made a book of several pages” – Zine Exhibition across Strait
《他們做了一本只有幾頁的書》──Zine 小誌的跨海展覽
Macau Library
May 2017

Date: 2017. 5.15-6.18
Venue: Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Although hardly known in Macao, Zine has a ubiquitous, ghostly presence in the world as if it existed in a parallel universe.

Zine, an unfamiliar concept among Macao locals, refers to a type of independent publication produced in small quantity. Contrasted with ‘magazine’, this type of publication is named as ‘zine’ without the prefix ‘maga’, which suggests it aims to shake off the limitations in the publication process and only focus on expressing the creator’s message. Playfulness and handicraft, even inexpensive and unrefined, are allowed from content preparation to printing and binding.

Zine 小誌在澳門默默無聞,但在世界卻像鬼魅地流行着,宛如平衝世界一樣。

Zine 這概念在澳門非常陌生,Zine 是指一種少量製作的獨立出版物,雜誌是 Magazine,小誌去掉「Maga」因為他更小,所謂更小是指沒有任何出版限制,回歸到作品想表達的訊息上,而策劃、製作、印刷到裝訂都可以充滿玩味,可以是手工完成、很省錢、低成本、製作粗糙等等都無所謂。


大耳牛 Big Ears Cow、元春(郝元春Yolandakog)、藤河 Tun Ho|、林嘉宜 Cakecake illustration、范世康 Fan Sai Hong、Matthew & Lavinia(CHE HON Studio 謝瀚記工作室)、祖研良(梁祖賢 Joein Leong)、Yue Chi、林格 Box Lam、麻里麻里哄 Mali Mali Home、Felix Januario Vong、潘文珊 Ray Pun、陳子揚 Wallace Chan、楊冠瑩 Summer Ieong Kun Ieng(Fast Garden)、Yang Illustration 洋小漫Something Moon 鄭志偉

朋丁 pon ding:
荒花 Wild Flower:

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☛ 什麼是 Zine
☛ Zine 的精神
☛ 分享一個做 Zine 的方法
☛ 我想和大家分享一個平靚正的東西
☛ 我想和大家分享一個很美妙的東西


In Macao there is no Art Book / Zine fair, and there are pitifully few acceptable exhibitions on books or publication. The damn norms have become the major part of [people’s] life, as their roles are seldom disrupted or reflected upon for growth in Macao, and a scarce number of people working on publications are persisting [in their efforts] pointlessly and waiting in loneliness. While watching the world in motion, people cannot connect themselves with their own living environments, resulting in a disconnection that can hardly be fixed. So I have not defined the form of the exhibition or preset conditions for anybody. The only rule in this experiment is to suspend in the temperature of papers.How meaningless it will be if publication is simply for the sake of production. Style should be of utmost importance.──“從城市到創作表達,從 ZINE 小誌到文化可能”

澳門沒有任何 Art Book / Zine Fair,退一步,針對書籍或出版像樣的展覽也是少得可憐。該死的常規成為了生活的主調,角色在澳門甚少機會被打斷、反省、成長,零碎的紙本工作者在無聊地堅持、寂寞地等待;人們一方面觀看世界流動,但和內在的環境無法接軌,出現一條難以契合的斷層。所以我更不既定展覽為某個固定模式,我也不想為任何人設定條件,這場實驗唯一規則是懸浮在紙本的溫度中。只為生產多無聊啊,風格才是最重要。──“從城市到創作表達,從 ZINE 小誌到文化可能”