Interactive Exhibition – Shall We Play A Game?
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
Dec, 2022

Perpetrators abuse the victims under the guise of games. According to research, an average of 13 years delay in seeking help from RainLily if the survivor was under the age of 18 years when being assaulted. We cannot imagine how this “game” has impacted them.

Five groups of local artists are invited to the exhibition this time. The first part “123 Dialogues Traffic Light” is inspired by the stories of the survivors. The concept of mistrust and being repeatedly used as a tool is displayed with the use of light and shadow; the second part “Who is the offender” involves the dissection and reconstruction of the stereotype of perpetrators with three-dimensional sculptures. Moreover, the interactive installation of amusement facilities also allows the visitors to think about the power relations behind sexual violence as well as the stereotypes of the perpetrators/victims of sexual violence.