Re Cycle: Macao Theatre Documents Exhibition 2021
Re Cycle:澳門劇場文件展2021
Nov, 2021
Macau Theatre culture Institute

Curators: Mok Sio Chong, Wong Weng Si
Artist: Wong Weng Si

2021.11.9-12.12, 14:00-19:00

Re-running and reproduce provide ways for the shows to be recycled.

From rehearsal to performance to ending, each show only has a very short life cycle. Re-running and reproduce provide ways for the shows to be recycled. The “Re Cycle: Macao Theatre Documents Exhibition 2021” presents the materials about the past local shows that have been re-run, including the adapted and translated works, the relevant reviews and documents. Could the audience see the possible roles of concepts and topics in the sustainable development of the future from these past documents?

In the archive of Macao Theatre Library between 2011 and 2020, we have discovered information about shows that have been “rerun” or “reproduced”, including re-runs, different versions or continuous development of the same play, the same literary work or the same historical event. In order to review the changes and similarities of the shows within a certain time period, there must be at least 10 years between the debut show and the most recent show of the same work. During the review of this seemingly neutral information, we might try to recap the development of Macao theatre, and through the various adaptations, interpretations and productions of the same text by different teams in different time periods we might also catch a glimpse of the overt and covert dynamics of the relationship between theatre and society.

The Macao Theatre Culture Institute is committed to preserving the materials of local theatre events, and it attaches importance to the commonality and creativity of the materials. The Institute has held various events, including “Cao Yu 100 — Photography Exhibition of Cao Yu’s Works in Macao”, “Site-Specific: Macao Environmental Theatre Documents Exhibition(1993-2012)”, “PERFORMING ARTS FORUM—10th Theatre Book Fair”, “⌘O——Exhibition of Macao Theatre Documents of the 1990s” and “No Where To……Macao Theatre Documents Exhibition 2020”, to present the development of Macao theatre in different formats.